Facial Steamer

Women have been using facial cleansing routines for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians found and utilized many of the world’s first natural cleansing agents, which enabled their nobles to maintain clean and lustrous skin long before the development of modern chemical skin care products. In modern times, much of this knowledge has been supplemented with advanced cleaning techniques designed to offset the more harmful environmental damage that our skin faces due to the many unnatural toxins in the air and water. Facial steamers can be an essential part of your facial cleansing regimen.

Cleaning Your Face

Facial Steamer The most common skin care methods used by many women to cleanse their facial skin and pores primarily involve a combination of creams, ointments, and exfoliating scrubs. For deeper cleansing of the pores and outer layers of skin some women use chemical peels and facials obtained at the local spa. Many of these methods are far more expensive than suing a facial steamer to cleanse your pores, and some have potentially harmful side effects that are absent in these cleaners.

Why Facial Steamers Are Important

Cleansing your face may not seem like a big event, particularly if it is a habit that you developed long ago, and one which you practice regularly. The truth, however, is that this cleansing of your face’s pores and outer layer of skin is one of the most important things that you can do to maintain healthy and young-looking skin. There are so many factors that can negatively impact upon your skin’s health that it is vital to have a regimen in place to combat the worst effects. The harmful ray of the sun, various chemicals in the water, and pollution in the atmosphere can all combine to wreak havoc on the delicate balance of your skin’s overall health.

How a Facial Steamer Works

Facial cleaners have proven effective in cleansing the pores of the face and removing a number of harmful elements that impact upon skin health. Oil, dirt, and other debris have a tendency to embed themselves within the pores of the skin, creating the perfect environment for breakouts of acne and other skin imperfections. Only by opening the pores of the skin can this debris be effectively cleaned from the skin, allowing the skin to breathe properly. The way this is accomplished is through the use of steam that penetrates clogged pores, opens them up to the air outside the skin, and improves the body’s ability to expel the toxins.

Do it Yourself

Though there are a variety of high quality facial steamers on the market today – many of which perform their functions quite admirably, many people prefer to attempt an at-home facial cleaner routine before they are willing to part with their hard earned money on a machine that may or may not work for them. To perform an at home cleansing, you will need a pot of steaming hot water, various herbs and oils to place into the water (which type will depend upon your skin type and cleaning needs), and a towel to place over your face as it sits over the rising steam.

The key to using a homemade facial cleaner is to ensure that you stay over the steam for no more than ten or fifteen minutes and then promptly submerge your face in cold water to close the pores once you are done.

Such a treatment can enable you to get firsthand experience with the benefits of facial cleaners, but will seldom produce the high quality results you will see with a manufactured product. For the best results, you should purchase one of the popular models of cleaners that you can find in many stores devoted to women’s skin care.